Grocery Store Update from SW Chamber Meeting | Southwest Tulsa Chamber

The following notes were taken by Matt Crain and Carletta Luster of the Southwest Tulsa Chamber of Commerce who hosted Jared O’Malley of Honor Capital at the Chamber Meeting on August 20, 2015.

About Honor Capital LLC
Helping Veterans own their own businesses
Heart for helping communities in food deserts, etc…
Owns another Save A Lot in Columbia, South Carolina
Owner/Manager Jared O’Malley (lived in Tulsa as a youth) is a Naval Academy Graduate (2006) who Worked for Kraft
Helping Veterans helps communities also

About Save A Lot Grocery Store in Crystal City
Private label will be about 75% of the stock (25% could be national brands or local)
1400 Stores, mostly in the Eastern US (most in TN and KY)
Buying power 2nd only to WalMart
Owns their own Distribution Center
Average 40% savings (for a total bill, not item by item)
The Crystal City Store is not a franchise
Clerk will bag groceries and place on carousel (not the usual Save-A-Lot way)
Meat Cutter – will cut fresh meat daily
Focus on fresh produce – delivered 3x per week (MWF)
Hiring: two assistant managers, a meat cutter and clerks (who will be trained to do everything around the store)
Apply at the Southwest Tulsa Chamber Office, 4231 Southwest Boulevard when applications arrive next week

Other Answers to Questions:
Efforts will be made to expand Bus service, reach out to schools and churches
Folding carts will be made available for use on the bus or for shoppers walking
No tobacco products; a limited selection of beer will be sold

Crystal City Save-A-Lot Store will be open 7 days a week, 8am to 9pm

Projected to open October 28 (soft opening)
Grand Opening – First Week in November