Save A Lot Owner to Speak | Southwest Tulsa Chamber

Third Thursday Southwest Tulsa Chamber Meeting
August 20, 2015 – 7:30am at Ollie’s Station Restaurant
4070 Southwest Boulevard
Guest Speaker: Jared O’Malley
Manager of soon-to-be-open Save-A-Lot

This month’s Southwest Tulsa Chamber Meeting will feature Jared O’Malley, the Manager of the soon-to-be-open Save-A-Lot Grocery Store in Historic Crystal City. Jared will bring us up to date on the progress made on the grocery store currently being renovated in Crystal City Shopping Center and will speak on behalf of his team at Honor Capital, LLC about the things they want to do and the direction they want to go when the store is complete. Rose Washington, Executive Director of TEDC has postponed until next month’s meeting, when she will discuss TEDC’s role in helping fund businesses.