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Special Report: Getting Referral Clients

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen ANYONE teach you these 3 specific steps before you get started with referral clients… yet they hold the KEY to your success! In this article, not only will you discover how these 3 steps can super-charge your referral client efforts, but you’ll also discover why they are critical if you want to bypass the mistakes most business owners make.

Step #1: What Problem Are You Solving For Your Customer?

Business owners ignore the following step at your peril: why do your customers want what you’re selling? You have to figure that out first!.

So, here’s what I mean:  if you do this, you will be able to relate to the customers’ needs better.

This step is important because if customers can’t relate, they’ll tune you out. You have to hook them upfront and you do that by tuning in to their needs.

So the next step for you here is to answer the question “What problem do I solve?”

Step #2: How Do You Solve The Problem For Your Customer?

The important thing to understand with this is you only discuss your product or service in terms of how it solves the problem for the customer.

And that means you must prove to the customer that you can solve their problem.

Don’t neglect this because your competitors are all talking about themselves or the features of their products, which goes right over people’s heads. You stand out because you’re talking about their problems (which is all they care about anyway).

Bottom line: look at your advertising, emails, and website. Do you talk about YOU or do you talk about THEM (the customer)? If you’re not talking about them, their problems, and how you solve them, change that fast.

Step #3: Now Take Your New Found Knowledge And Visit With Your CURRENT Customers And Share With Them What You Have Discovered About Your Product Or Service And How It Relates To Them!

Here’s the aha moment for most people with this simple step: your current customers are going to be happy to send new clients your way.

What’s important for everyone to understand about this is that this is your opportunity to ask for a referral.

This is critical to your success because once your customers know that you understand their problems better than the other solution providers around they will be extremely happy to send their friends and family your way. It only makes sense that they are going to know people with similar situations and needs. If you are the one that can solve the problems they face they are going to want to make you their trusted advisor and will feel a compelling need to share you as a valued resource with the people they care about and respect…

Bottom line: make it easy for your customers to share you with their friends and family as that valued resource. If you need to revisit step #1 and #2 to think about it more you need to figure out why you are that valued resource.

In addition depending on your business type you can: offer a small referral fee to your customer it can be in the form of a discount, gift card, small gift, even something as simple as a dinner for the customer and their spouse can go a long way for a high ticket service. If that doesn’t fit your business model think about offering a discount to the people they refer to you. If that doesn’t work for your business come up with something affordable that makes sense for what you do. If you run a restaurant give away a free item. If you have a gift shop get some tee shirts with a nice design. You don’t have to only give away things with your logo on them. Think about what your customer would appreciate!.

Once you understand the facts about referral clients you can move forward with confidence – and going through these 3 steps is a great start for any business owner! But as you can see, this really is just the tip of the iceberg.

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By: Spencer Heckathorn
Board Member
You can see more of his work at https://spencerheckathorn.com/