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Crow’s Drive-In was THE place to go as a Clinton or Webster student back in the day, whether it was for lunch (before there was closed campus) or for an after school snack. Robert Crow had rented out the drive-in after his family stopped running it to a couple different businesses that didn’t stick around very long. Mr. Crow decided to sell the drive-in and that is where Dianna Bauer came into the picture. At the urging of her daughter and other family members, Dianna decided to check out the place soon after it was posted for sale. The day she happened to stop by for a look, Mr. Crow was in the parking lot in his truck and got out to talk to her, asking her if she wanted to buy the place. Her first answer was no, but he soon made her an offer she couldn’t refuse and The Warrior Stop Grill was born, opening on February 6, 2015.

Dianna grew up in the restaurant business. Her family had restaurants in Okemah, Weleetka, and Okmulgee and she worked in the family business from the age of 10. She grew up in Preston, where she graduated high school. She had intentions of going to college for architectural design but that fell through and she decided to enlist in the Navy. Unfortunately, medical issues kept that from happening as well and she ended up settling down in Sapulpa and working at the glass plant for many years. She also went to Tulsa Vo-Tech and became a paramedic. She never had intentions of working in a restaurant or fast food again until she talked to Mr. Crow that fateful day. She was actually thinking more along the lines of a bar and grill, but at the urging of her daughter, step-daughter, and niece, and their relating to her what an icon Crow’s Drive-In was, she was inclined to give it a go and try to bring back to the area some semblance of what the drive-in used to be.

Now The Warrior Stop Grill is open and is doing a booming business, thanks in part to a food review by Scott Cherry in the Tulsa World. No doubt that article brought in even more new customers. Dianna and the girls are kept hopping on a regular basis all hours of the day and evening.

Dianna is big on community, with a focus on kids and getting to know your neighbors, which she has done. When she first opened, she walked the neighborhood to get to know the neighbors of the grill with positive results and good relationships formed. Kids from both Clinton and Webster come by after school and she just loves them.
As far as business goes, Dianna hopes to open two more locations within five years in the Tulsa area, at least one of them being a family oriented restaurant, which will feature music.
The Southwest Tulsa Chamber welcomes new member, The Warrior Stop Grill and Backyard Catering to our family and we look forward to promoting the business to even further success. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 6 days a week, closed on Sundays. They serve quality food from burgers and fries to hand-breaded chicken fried steak and onion rings, breakfast, and even more variety on their catering menu. Stop in and give them a try and while you are there, be sure to ask Dianna about her days of touring the bluegrass music circuit on a tour bus with her family…or about the artist who painted the logo on the floor (and the family’s tour bus).